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7 best effective ways lose weight quickly| best way to lose weight 2023.


7 best effective ways lose weight quickly| best way to lose weight 2023.

Focus on the cause and not the problem.

  • I know that whenever someone gains weight, they consider fast weight loss methods. They lead to quick results, which can be frustrating for a person. It gets easier once you understand the root problem. Sometimes we focus only on the problem and not on the root of the problem. Every problem must have a root cause, and once the root cause is identified, the problem is solve.
  • Weight gain can be caused by a medical problem, so make sure you are free of any medical problems. Sometimes we are not aware that we have a health problem that can cause weight gain because the symptoms are not clear, for some medical conditions the symptoms take a long time to appear, so do not be afraid to see a doctor. This is also good for your general health.


Try to understand the cause of a problem and you will quickly get to grips with it. The cause of a problem could be a health issue, so do not be afraid to check yourself.

2:Eat mindfully.  

  • Yes, you've probably heard that before, or you haven't. This is a wonderful strategy that I use whenever I suspect my weight has risen. This is an extremely valuable gold medal. It is the best way to lose weight quickly. But it must be used appropriately

How to apply:

  • In the morning, snack on bread, a meal, and a cup of hot tea without sugar. After six hours, you will eat a salad with  contains.
  • cucumbers,
  •  black olives,
  • lettuce,
  • beets, and
  • chicken 
  • This will be your meal. After six hours, you will have a glass of milk. Here's what to do if you get hungry during the day. You can consume unsweetened natural juice, as well as nuts and fruits. This is preferable to fasting all day or adhering to a strict diet that no one can handle. When you're hungry, try not to think about it. Try to disregard this sensation. The more you ignore this experience, the more accustomed you will become to it. Don't give in to your hunger.  


try to eat fewer calories. This will prevent you from gaining weight if you don't diet, exercise both. Try not to give in when you are hungry.

3 :Eat plenty of fiber|drink plenty of water

  • Eat as much fiber as possible and drink plenty of water. Both will help you to get rid of constipation. Because the less you eat, the more constipated you will become. Drinking water helps you get rid of constipation and also helps you get rid of toxins from the body through sweat or urine, so remember: the more water you drink, the better for your health.


Eating fiber and water together will help you get rid of constipation, because the less you  eat, the more constipated you will be.


 4:Reduce your sugar consumption.

  • Some of us have reached a breaking point, and I am one of them. When we get to that point, the situation looks very different because some people can't live  without sugar because they love sweets and chocolate, and that's their weakness. I know you love sweets and can't help yourself, but try to limit your consumption. Do you indulge in sweets in the morning and evening? Only have them in the evening. If you eat chocolate twice a day, limit yourself to one portion.


Reduce your sugar intake, because although I know this is a difficult subject, sugar can lead to weight gain and is also harmful to your health.

5:Don't eat dinner (it's a deadly meal).

  • When I say don't eat supper, I mean don't eat it because it will cause you to gain a lot of weight. I understand that you enjoy extended dinners with your family, but you can have a light dinner and limit your food intake. I recommend avoiding this meal because it causes severe weight gain.


 Do not eat dinner because it is a deadly meal that leads to severe weight gain, and I recommend that you eat five hours before going to bed. 

 6:Accept yourself as you are.

  •  I want you to understand that weight gain is not a shame, not a scandal, not a common or contagious disease. It's normal, and we are all human sometimes. And remember that postpartum weight gain is normal, so accept yourself as you are. Because you understand your situation better than anyone else. I understand that sometimes people seem ridiculous and criticize your appearance and weight. This is a typical example. You don't care because you value yourself more than anyone else.


You must understand that obesity isn't a flaw or a disease. It's a natural reaction, and don't worry about what others think of you because you understand your condition better than they do. So be kind to yourself and treat things organically.

7:Never, ever give up hope.

  • You may have given up on losing weight several times because you do not believe in yourself, but you must. Remember that your inner sentiments are important when it comes to losing weight since the more positive your feelings are, the more likely you are to attain your goals. So, remember that nothing is impossible in this scenario, and don't let fear rule you. Never, ever lose hope.


You must believe in yourself and your ability, overcome insecurity, and keep in mind that hard effort pays dividends.

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